About us

Youth activities

The soul of the centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking Settlement” consists of the young people of Grobiņa, who have been united in a social organization called “Tourism Club “OGA””, since 6th August 2002.

For a long time the core purpose of OGA has been to promote water tourism, cycling, hiking, and mountain climbing among young people, as well as attracting young people to tourism events and competitions where they can spend their leisure time productively, improve their knowledge, gain self-assertiveness, and develop leadership qualities. 

OGA is a place for you to be brave!

Why Vikings in Grobiņa?

Grobiņa is the earliest populated place documented in the territory of Latvia with the name SEEBURG (Jūrpils). Between the 7th and 11th century it was a significant cultural centre, trade and progress, which over the centuries has been run both by Curonian and Scandinavian Vikings. It has been confirmed by material evidence found in the archaeological ensemble of Grobiņa, which is currently exhibited in the history museums of Liepaja, Riga and St. Petersburg.

The youth's enthusiasm for showing history in a more interesting way

For years nobody was able to discover the unique cultural and historical heritage of Grobiņa until the youth of OGA found the courage to accept this challenge!

In 2012, OGA created a symbolic bridge towards exploration and practice of Curonian and Scandinavian Viking way of life which we know today as the centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement”. Here the unique archeological monuments of Viking times, ancient traditions and lifestyle have been unearthed and can be experienced by those who are interested — both adults and children.

The pleasure of appreciation and the motivation to continue

Since its advent, the centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement” has also earned professional recognition: 

In 2013, the centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement” received The 2nd Latvian Rural Communities Parliament title “Dižprojekts 2012”. 

In 2014, a special prize was received in a contest organized by the Latvian Tourism Development Agency — “The Most Successful New Tourism Product of 2013”.

In 2015, a prize from the State Inspection for Heritage Protection was received — “Cultural Heritage Annual Prize 2015” in nomination “Popularization of Cultural Heritage”.

Additionally received was ICOMOS Latvia acknowledgement for selfless work, creative and innovative investment in the cultivation of society participation, popularization of internationally and nationally significant cultural heritage.

The youth of OGA say: “Only someone “within the process” themselves is able to appeal, charm and inspire!”