Curonian Viking settlement
Curonian Viking settlement offers a great opportunity to explore the life of Curonian Vikings! In the settlement You can try the Viking clothes, explore the legends, and relax with Your friends and family. In addition, You can discover the historical sites of Grobiņa, where You can feel the spirit of Vikings!

Live Hystory festival "SEEBURG 2018" is coming!

Be prepared for the annual festival, where History becomes alive - "SEEBURG"! This Year will be held on 26th May! Meet in Grobina!


The Curonians (documental movie)

The Curonians. One of the ancient Baltic tribes that later formed the Latvian and Lithuanian nations. From the 5th to 16th centuries they inhabited Curland and northwestern parts of what is now Lithuania and were known as ruthless warriors and traders. They were also among the last of Europeans to accept Christianity. What historic evidence has this enigmatic tribe left us about themselves and what do we know about them? 

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The Nightly mystery “Seeburg”

When twilight takes over the land, the whole of ancient Grobiņa comes alive! If you want to feel the breath of the 9th century and also to sense the time when Curonian Vikings set out for their raids, come for a visit and let's revive the Skābarža hill together! The trip on a Curonian Viking barge at nightfall is not only accompanied by an audio guide, but also by Curonian Viking battles, their wives and feasts! 

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Curonian Viking settlement - Pīlādžu street 3, Grobiņa, Grobiņas novads, LV-3430
Phone:  +371 26661194