A trip on a Curonian Viking barge

At the barge pier of the centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement” you will be welcomed by the great “Tontegode” and the mighty “Lagerta”! The Curonian Viking barges are perfectly suited for enthusiasts of active paddling, as well as for those who value comfort. Choose for yourself! The audio guide will help you to explore the secrets kept by the twists and turns of the Ālande river, the Curonian Viking — the ancient events and the features of weapons.

School of ancient combat

To prepare for combat and unexpected difficulties everybody has to develop their physical abilities and combat skills! In the Curonian Viking school of ancient combat you can test your spear and axe throwing skills, try proving your dexterity in sack combat, test your precision in archery, as well as acquiring the ancient war school methods in shield battles! Be courageous — improve your strength and mastery!


Test your archery skills! The centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement” provides bows and arrows for both adults and children from the age of 5. For groups with over 10 people three arrows are available for each person, whereas for individual trials starting from 4 people the number of arrows depends on the time of shooting. Choose the option that’s the most suitable and go! 

The true Curonian Viking test — complex program

(Available for groups with over 10 people)

Do you want to become a real Curonian Viking? Then this program is exactly for you! Complete 5 disciplines of ancient mind, body and spirit dexterity, receive the necessary number of points and become a real Curonian Viking! Archery, javelin, rope pulling, the mysterious ring of stone and a trip on a barge — it is not as easy as it sounds! Are you ready? Come and participate!

Wedding in the spirit of Curonian Vikings

For newlyweds on their wedding day we offer a flavour of Curonian Vikings! An opportunity to go on a romantic trip on a Curonian Viking barge through the twists and turns of the Ālande river while sipping champagne, enjoying a photo session and cherished moments together! The centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement” is ideal for entertaining newlyweds and their guests with various activities related to the traditions of Curonian Vikings. Dare to test the strength and the skills of a new husband by performing the Curonian Viking rituals for beginning and sustaining a new life!

The Nightly mystery “Seeburg”

When twilight takes over the land, the whole of ancient Grobiņa comes alive! If you want to feel the breath of the 9th century and also to sense the time when Curonian Vikings set out for their raids, come for a visit and let's revive the Skābarža hill together! The trip on a Curonian Viking barge at nightfall is not only accompanied by an audio guide, but also by Curonian Viking battles, their wives and feasts!

Where the Ālandes river bends its curves,

There wives of Curonian Vikings tread. 

Where the din of swords and the battles arise,

There lives of Curonian Vikings fade.

What was? What was? What happened?

The Skābarža hill arose there!

Curonian Viking sports games

While going on raids and conquering foreign lands, the true Curonian Vikings have to be united and have to feel each other’s pulse! Therefore in the territory of the centre for active tourism “Curonian Viking settlement”, Curonian Vikings offer everyone to strengthen and unite their teams! Exercises of the body, mind and spirit will make motivate anyone to unite! This is a powerful key to success — use it!

Additional offers

We offer areas for picnic, camping sites, gazebo, firewood and coal.

A five-pointed star tent for rent (in the territory of the settlement), a grill, grating for barbecue, and a pot for a camp fire are all available.

It is possible to order soup (with prior arrangement), or to cook soup yourself on a camp fire.

A smokehouse is available for smoking fish on the site (with prior arrangement).